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Change today is occurring at a rate that is difficult to sustain. Globalization of markets, fluctuations in world economy, diversification in services, mergers, acquisitions and industry deregulation are but a few of the challenges faced by companies today.

Companies are quickly realizing that to thrive in today's competitive business environment, they must rapidly deploy new technologies to support key business objectives. Helping the technologists in the business community to clear these hurdles, is Compu-Vision's prime objective.

Compu-Vision offers the widest gamut of Information Technology and Information Systems consulting practice. We provide clients with a balance of engagement solutions and resource augmentation. Our "Portfolio of Service" offerings are:

We provide these services in multiple computing environments and use technologies such as client/server architecture, object-oriented programming languages and tools, distributed database management systems and the state-of-the-art networking and communications infrastructures. We also assist our clients with their service needs in the rapidly growing areas of mobile and wireless computing. By leveraging our proven IT outsourcing model, we provide a significant cost advantage to our clients, while accelerating the time for solution development.