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IT Consulting

People are the crux of this industry. Projects can range from an assessment and evaluation of your business or IT needs by our Senior IT Consultants to specific project deliverables requiring a team of Consultants at all levels of expertise. Our goal is to listen carefully to your business needs and meet those needs with the best IT solution based on critical variables such as business, time, delivery and technology standards. Projects can be delivered Turnkey or on a Time and Materials basis depending upon the needs of the client. We place the right people for the right projects and help you in building a full fledged IT team with an aggressive ramp up model.

Our ultimate goal is to be a technology business partner on the enterprise level. However, often we will work on a single requisition order or a one-person project to demonstrate the value we can deliver Over time, we strive to develop a relationship built on trust and value that is mutually rewarding - and this may begin with a single consultative sale. Recurrent opportunities to satisfy clients' mission critical business problems makes the relationship stronger in that we understand the corporate culture, structure, team players, and IT/business methodologies at the onset of each follow-up project. This institutional knowledge allows for a less time consuming and often more successful project that is better aligned with the clients ultimate business goals.

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