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Application Development

You have just met with your operations user group and they want a new application. Last week, your meeting with field reps yielded the same request. Your budget is tight, and you can't add any more staff. Even if you could, where would you find a qualified team?

The development of new software applications is a key component in the quest to gain a competitive edge. So, it is absolutely imperative that the project is done right and within your budget and time requirements.

Compu-Vision understands the imperatives of application development. Our approach was engineered starting with the end product in mind? Robust, scalable applications delivered on time, on budget. How do we do it? We focus on the important things:

For most new application development, Compu-Vision uses its proprietary object-oriented, component-based methodology. This is an incremental, approach and is based on the recommendations from the Object Management Group (OMG), Unified Modeling Language for notation and the Rational Unified Process. The iterative nature of this methodology allows Compu-Vision to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional "waterfall" approach and helps to better align application development to business objectives.

The methodology addresses all aspects of these projects including roles and responsibilities, standards and procedures to be followed, tools to be used, products to be delivered during each stage of the project's life cycle, and the presentation format and content of each deliverable.